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Certification at CSCPF

Certification is one of the most fundamental activities of our organization, and it is rooted in the Practitioner Community. See below for specific guides on achieving various categories of certification at CSCPF.

The Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation offers internationally recognized Certification for qualified individuals in the following areas: 


More help and specific information may be found in the Certification Standards Excerpts for the category of certification being sought and the documents, 9 Steps to a Successful CSCPF Certification and 7 Steps to a Successful CSCPF Reciprocal Certification.

You must be an Individual Member of both CSCPF and a Practitioner Community for a minimum of 6 months, as well as meet the General and Specific Requirements for the Certification Category before you can apply for certification.

Certification Support

Certification support can be found within the candidate's Practitioner Community. Please contact your Practitioner Community Liaison for specific assistance.

Other Certification questions can be brought to the CSCPF Certification Team. They can be reached at 925-658-5740, option 4, or with any questions.

CSCPF's Commissioned Certification Review Liaisons (CRL) are intended to help CSCPF Practitioner Communities achieve a highly formative, quality, and integral certification experience in coherence with CSCPF policies and procedures. While the Commissioned Certification Review Liaisons (CRL) insures CSCPF policies and procedures are followed by the Practitioner Community during the Certification Review Board, Practitioner Communities exercise autonomy in reviewing the competence of their candidates.

Commissioned Review Liaisons are commissioned by CSCPF to focus on maintaining the integrity and quality of the certification process within each Practitioner Community. More information on CRLs can be found HERE

Certification Category Standards

Clinical Chaplain / Spiritual Care Practitioner
Certification Standards Excerpt-BCCC/BCSCP (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards 
  • Requirements 
  • Competencies
  • Checklist

Associate Clinical Chaplain / Associate Spiritual Care Practitioner
Certification Standards Excerpt - BCAC/BCASC (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards
  • Requirements
  • Competencies 
  • Checklist 

Pastoral Counselor / Spiritual Care Counselor
Certification Standards Excerpt - BCPC/BCSCC (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards 
  • Requirements 
  • Competencies
  • Checklist
Associate Pastoral Counselor / Associate Spiritual Care Counselor
Certification Standards Excerpt - BCAPC/BCASCC (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards 
  • Requirements 
  • Competencies
  • Checklist

Clinical Specialist: Palliative/Hospice Care
Certification Standards - CSPHC (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards 
  • Requirements 
  • Competencies
  • Checklist

Supervisor - Clinical Pastoral Education / Formation

Certification Standards   

Reciprocal Certification
Certification Standards Excerpt-Reciprocal (Click HERE for printable version)
  • Standards 
  • Requirements 
  • Checklist

A Brief Overview of CSCPF Certification Timeline
and the Online Forms Necessary for Certification

(Please Note: You must be logged in as a member to access these forms AND pay your fees. The payment process in embedded in each specific Online Form as applicable.)

To begin your Certification process, you must fill out both forms (Application for Certification and Request for Certification) and pay the applicable fees on each form.

The Application for Certification is your first step. It states your intention to CSCPF and your Practitioner Community to begin the Certification process. 

Once you have prepared your final documentation requirements for certification in your desired category/categories with your Practitioner Community Certification Representative, you will file the 

Request for Certification with CSCPF.

After your Readiness Review, your Certification Review Board will be scheduled. 

At the completion of your Certification Review Board, 

the Commissioned Review Liaison (CRL) is responsible for:

Please note: More detailed support can be found within the document 9 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL CSCPF CERTIFICATION.

 SCHEDULE of FEES 2022-2023 Current Rates
 All Individual Members/All Levels/All Categories $200.
 Step #1 Application for Certification $ 75.
 Step #2 Request for Certification  $100.
Optional: Additional Certification Category Fee - (During same Certification Review Board)  $ 50.      
 Step #3 Certification Review Liaison Fee - (Paid directly to CRL prior to panel) $150.

 Recertification Fee (Payable every 5 years, single or multi-category)
 Reciprocal Certification Fee (one time fee) $150.

 Replacement Certificate

$ 25.      

Please call 925-658-5740, option 1, if you have questions about anything on this form.

Payment terms - Fees are due with the online submission of the application.
If you need a different payment alternative, please call 925-658-5740 option 1.

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