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Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a Living Document in ongoing formation and continuing refinement.

I commit to this community of lay and ordained practitioners representing disciplines of spiritual and pastoral service.  

I am dedicated to offering transformative and healing education and spiritual care to practitioners in the world community.  

I accept the profound place of trust that my community places in me.    

I believe the foundational goal of our community is to build respect for the inherent worth, dignity, and equality of every individual in our diverse society.  

I hold a core value of respect for those I serve and embody by maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of my work.  

I seek, first and foremost, to conduct my work in a relational and harmonious manner.  

I understand myself to be an entrusted servant and I affirm each Practitioner Community as an autonomous community. 

I am continuously mindful that all communities are interrelated,  and recognize that the actions of one community can affect the wellbeing of all communities.  

I come from a place of transparency, trust and inclusivity, which humanizes relationships; allowing them to grow and takes place in the context of mutuality.  I recognize that remarkable and miraculous transformations happen when I work to create a community of honest engagement that fosters an individual as well as the community's self-awareness.  

I call upon all members to bring the gift of presence, knowing, and self-transformation while practicing critical reflective engagement. 
I choose to become all that I have always been. 

I believe in surrendering my ego so I can begin the process of accepting myself exactly as I am.  This helps me find the hidden gifts that are available to me.  I believe that when I embrace these gifts, I can then connect to the sources of hope and inspiration in my life.  

My goal is to create a space for life to grow in each individual so they can find meaning and a compelling incentive to continue to embrace life with dignity, grace and wisdom. 

My transformation allows me to return to my true nature, where I can embrace courage, hope,  possibilities, a sense of humor, trust, openness, curiosity and faith.  

I recognize that the CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION is a participant-based organization, and decisions are made by the selection of individuals by a representative process so our voices and our views may be heard. Through these Governance processes that we as a community have established, we are working to balance the authority of our Fiduciary Council with the equally important Program Council. I recognize that the participation of Individual Members through their Practitioner Communities are ultimately responsible for the overall policies and actions of the Organization.

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