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Our Philosophy

CSCPF offers a relational, inclusive and personalized approach to caregivers' formation and certification, encouraging growth in the wisdom, knowledge and skills needed for spiritual care in the 21st century.  

Mutual respect on our shrinking planet demands creating interfaith and multi-faith credentials as well as specialized interfaith-based CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) and advanced study opportunities in key areas. In CSCPF, widely diverse spiritual, faith, and spiritual- but-not-religious (SBNR) professionals are collaborating to teach and learn from each other.

We seek a genuine community which fosters common ground among multiple faith groups, interfaith and SBNR communities, including non-theistic perspectives both western and eastern.  We are developing a culture of sound training for professional certification in spiritual care for those on conventional spiritual paths as well as those on paths and in settings that reflect new arisings and expressions of perennial wisdom.

At the same time, we are excited to share with you this professional organization which invites individuals to bring to it the core authenticity of who they are, whether active in a traditional religion or on a unique spiritual path.  What we pursue together is true community within a sincere search for the integrity and depth of the religious or spiritual tradition which speaks to each heart. The focus is on relationship with spirit, integrity with self, and service to humankind.

CSCPF is dedicated to the philosophy that all are welcome and each must go deep in order to be, become and offer their best.  We invite you to bring into our community who you are,  with the desire to practice living into that in a truly authentic way and with a willingness to grow from that experience.

When a Christian student told Gandhi that he would like to become a Hindu,  Gandhi said, "If you want to be a great Hindu,  go home and become the best Christian you can be."

These values inform CSCPF's core strengths, which set us apart from other cognate organizations.
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