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We Are Unique

We have listened carefully to the voices of our clients, our interdisciplinary colleagues, the interfaith community and each other. We have repeatedly heard the need expressed for a genuine international and interfaith-based spiritual and pastoral care professional community that educates, nurtures and supports individuals, in a wide diversity of settings; a community which is working every day in the service of Spirit to help, heal and transform individual and global wounds. CSCPF strives to be that community.

We offer a relational, inclusive and personalized approach while encouraging growth in the wisdom, knowledge and skills needed for spiritual care in the 21st century. The CSCPF Community seeks to foster common ground among multiple faith groups, interfaith communities, spiritual - not religious and non-theist perspectives. 

WHO WE ARE ... statements from some of our founding members...

"[We] are motivated to provide a 21st century response to acceptance of other religions and practice points of view." - Roy Sanders

"We are agile, responsive and inclusive.  We recognize that providing spiritual care in our 
2014 world is very different than it was a mere five years ago.  We place the locus of organizational trust at the grassroots level.  We listen to our patients and clients, we trust in the wisdom and insight of our colleagues who work at the bedside or in homeless shelters or correctional facilities.  We respect each other and our relationships over institutionalized procedures." - John Jeffery

  • include valued members of all spiritual and religious backgrounds
  • nurture individuals and the communities in which individuals live and practice
  • consider spiritual care to be practiced in a wide range of disciplines and contexts
  • value a collegial approach to spiritual care which allows members to learn from one another
  • value life-long learning
  • welcome and value the voice of all members (non-hierarchical)
  • are conscious of and practice initiatives regarding social justice." - Greg Delort

"We encourage and actively support positive holistic endeavors which have beneficial value in the present and for the future of the humankind.  We welcome being in community and collaborating with flexible and growing persons who are spiritually sensitive, clinically informed, culturally respectful and beautifully diverse." - Demetra Jaquet

"[Join us] because we support you, your work, and your community in being self-sustaining while encouraging connection to the larger community." - Barbara McGuire


American Baptist, Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Celtic Rite Old Catholic Church, Christian Church (Restoration Movement), Church of Latter Day Saints, Church of the Nazarene, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopalian, Evangelical Quaker, Interfaith/Interspiritual, International Metaphysical Ministry, Jewish, Methodist, Religious Science, Roman Catholic, Southern Baptist, Spiritual-Not Religious, Unitarian Universalist
Tel: +1 (925) 658-5740
Address: 4008 Louetta Rd. PMB 223 
Spring, TX 77388 
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