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The CSCPF approach to accreditation is based on a continual assessment of educational outcomes and the characteristics of excellence as demonstrated in the professional performance of its pastoral, spiritual care and psychotherapy supervisors and certified members. 

CSCPF is a spiritual care and pastoral formation educational organization that upholds professional standards and learning outcomes as adopted by its Program Council and Accreditation Team.  CSCPF exists in order to equip its certified members to hold positions in chaplaincy, pastoral psychotherapy and pastoral counseling in various professional settings.   CSCPF upholds the same diligent accreditation standards as the Department of Education holds to, so that its accredited Learning-Formation Centers and Pastoral Psychotherapy Centers can assure its students of professional readiness and the general public of their acumen.   To this end CSCPF will dedicate its collective talents and resources.  The integrity of CSCPF lies in its willingness to assure the highest quality education begins and ends with this commitment.
The Program Council's Accreditation Team provides a key role in the accrediting and re-accrediting process for Learning-Formation and Pastoral Psychotherapy training centers.  Accreditation assures that rigorous standards and best practices have been met.   A successful accreditation site review designates a training program to be administratively, educationally and fiscally sound, with clear administrative support for both embedded training centers and stand-alone institutes.  

Purpose of Accreditation

  • To provide oversight and assurance to the general public and to the CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION community that educational and professional standards are being met through its accredited educational centers.

  • To stimulate quality in all programs by fostering ongoing self-study and program development.

  • To ensure that Learning Centers maintain consistent standards that provide learners with appropriate resources to acquire the requisite theory, practice, and ethical sensitivity to ensure professional competence.

  • To ensure that Learning Centers integrate a multicultural and multi-faith practice in their operations.

  • To provide structure to Learning Centers that deserve the confidence and support of the public and practitioners.

  • To provide assurances that standards reflect the competencies that the public domain expects of spiritual care practitioners.

  • To ensure that Learning Centers continually conduct performance improvement as measured by their own stated goals, educational objectives, and established outcomes.

  • To ensure that Learning Centers maintain standards that provide trainees with appropriate resources and education to acquire the requisite theory, practice, and ethical sensitivity to be professionally competent.

Accreditation Overview

It is the goal of the CSCPF Program Council and its' Accreditation Team to offer a clear and concise process for becoming an accredited Learning Center and to communicate that process effectively to the general public, CSCPF community, Clinical Supervisors, Supervisor Education Fellow's and prospective students of Learning-Formation and Pastoral Psychotherapy/ Counseling Learning Centers.  The following flow projects the movement of the CSCPF accreditation process.  

Provisional Accreditation

Complete Application to Accredit

Submit Self-Study Document to Accreditation Team

Accreditation Team Liaison Assigned

Review of Application and Self-Study Document by Site Visit Team

Site Visit scheduled

Report of Site Visit presented to Accreditation Team

Ratified by the Program Council

Listing as Fully Accredited Center on CSCPF web page

Certificate of Accreditation Issued

Appeal (if needed) sent to Program Council

Re-accreditation of Center in Seven years

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