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Our Governance

CSCPF was established in 2014. Our approach to governance reflects our values. Because we value inclusivity, accessibility, transparency, and ensuring that all voices have a chance to be heard, we have had to do the creative governance work necessary to make this a reality. As we work to establish a participant-based organization, we are also working to balance the authority of our Fiduciary Council with the equally important Program Council. And because both of these are elected by or come from our Individual Member participants, all three components share in governance.

Our Councils represent our stakeholders, and those include:

  • community participants/stakeholders, 
  • individual participants/stakeholders, 
  • many external stakeholders outside of CSCPF itself.

The Fiduciary Council is the legal Board of Directors of CSCPF.  The Fiduciary Council is responsible for the legal, financial, and corporate aspects of CSCPF as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. According to our Bylaws, the Fiduciary Council is elected for two-year terms by all of the Individual Members of CSCPF. Elections are held in September. The Fiduciary Council then elects the Officers of CSCPF.

Our Program Council is responsible for managing all program aspects of our mission -- everything from Standards, Accreditation, Certification, and Ethics to building  Practitioner Communities and ensuring many modes of Communication. Corporate Functions are represented on the Program Council as well. These functions fall under five general headings:

  • Standards of Practice
  • Standards of Behavior
  • InReach
  • OutReach
  • Corporate

Our Governance Teams

Fiduciary Council 
Richard Bristol

Scott Hogue

John Jeffery

Katie LeCount

Barbara McGuire

Liz Munns
Rebecca Williams

CSCPF Officers
Lilliana Godsoe, President
Katie LeCount, Vice President
Debra Morwood, Corporate Secretary
Debra Morwood, Treasurer

Functional Area Team Leads
Greg Delort • William Greaver
Position Open
   Position Open


Rebecca Williams • Edee Charlton
Commissioned Certification Review Liaison Team
Don Oyao
Joint Council Liaison
Donna Farrell
Position Open 
Lily Godsoe • Debra Morwood
Program Council Convener
Spiritual Care
Katie LeCount 

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Spring, TX 77388

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