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Members of the CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION (CSCPF) seek to maintain the highest standards of practitioner and collegial ethics. Therefore members affirm their intention to work together with colleagues, learners, clients, and institutions in an attitude characterized by respect and intentionality consistent with the CSCPF Commitments. 


Ethical standards for CSCPF are rooted in respect for all persons regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, age, abilities or sexual orientation. In other words, who they are is the reason for our respect. Members agree to commend the call, vocation and personal lives of coworkers, patients, counselees, students, supervisees, and parishioners. Members respect each other. When there is an allegation of misconduct, all responses will be intentional while maintaining an attitude characterized by forgiveness, humility, and an empowering love. All responses to allegations will focus on accountability, education, redemption, reconciliation, and growth. Respect includes issues of confidentiality.

CSCPF members are primarily accountable to each other through Practitioner Community participation. Therefore, members will be pro-active in issues of practitioner competence, continuing education, pastoral concerns, ethics and personal integrity. This form of peer review is crucial to our commitments to each other.

CSCPF members recognize those who have gone before us, endeavoring to preserve, create and implement the body of knowledge in the fields of pastoral formation, spiritual care and counseling. CSCPF members maintain collegial relationships with other persons in their institutions, their community, and with members of other organizations. 

CSCPF members recognize that not all ethical issues can be detailed through this or any other code. Therefore, we depend on the judgment of our colleagues and agree to abide by and to engage their decisions. 


CSCPF offers a Code of Ethics in order to inform its members, stakeholders, and the public of the agreed upon commitments made by practitioners, the values upon which these commitments are based, and basic standards of CSCPF and practitioner conduct.

Download the CSCPF Code of Ethics and Grievance Protocol (.pdf)

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