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Commissioned Review Liaisons

  1. A Commissioned Review Liaison is a certified CSCPF member who has been commissioned by CSCPF. These Commissioned Review Liaisons have completed the Commissioned Review Liaison workshop sponsored by CSCPF.  The training workshop includes CSCPF standards, structure, philosophy, and areas of competencies, certification process, group dynamics, and group process analysis. 
    • Commissioned Review Liaison workshops are offered to qualified members during the Annual Gathering of the CSCPF Community and at other times throughout the year.
    • A list of Commissioned Review Liaisons is available below. 
  2. The candidate has the autonomy to choose the Commissioned Review Liaison they would like assist them in their certification process.
    • Current or former supervisors or those who otherwise have a vested interest in the candidate's certification should not be chosen for that candidate's review process. 
    • The Commissioned Review Liaison should hold a certification commensurate with that the candidate seeks. 
    • The Certification Fee includes the services of the Commissioned Review Liaison.
  3. The Commissioned Review Liaison may be physically present at the candidate's Certification Review Board, or may attend virtually via video conferencing. 

  4. A completed Commissioned Review Liaison Review Report (as part of the "Notice of Decision- Certification) assessing the Practitioner Community's Process will be submitted to CSCPF for its records.


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