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re-Certification at CSCPF

For certified CSCPF members of all certification categories, re-certification is required every 5 years in order to maintain certified status.  Here are the requirements:

Years 1-2

Maintenance of CSCPF Member in Good Standing status requirements:
  • Current with CSCPF Individual Membership and Practitioner Community dues
  • Annual attendance of 80% of Practitioner Community meetings
  • Submission of Individual Annual report to Practitioner Community containing the following:
  1. List of clinical materials presented, listing dates with category (Case Conference, Didactic, Consultation, etc.)
  2. Updated personal/professional information

Years 3-4

Maintenance of years 1 & 2, plus
  • Participation in at least (1) CSCPF task, CSCPF team, or CSCPF Special Project, beyond Practitioner Community meeting attendance.

Year 5

Maintenance of years 1-4, plus
  • A brief reflection paper, to include:
Demonstration of increased development of self-awareness
Honest and balanced self-reflection
Integrative understanding of one’s own psychodynamic and spiritual development
Reflection on personal changes since last certification
Reflection on professional changes since last certification
  • Updated Endorsement from Faith Group (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation from (1) peer in field, not in Practitioner Community
  • A peer review for re-certification by Practitioner Community, facilitated by a Peer Review Liaison (PRL)



In order to have a successful re-certification process, a PRL is required. 

CSCPF Peer Review Liaison (PRL):  The PRL is determined by the Practitioner Community, collectively.  The PRL can be a member of the Practitioner Community, or an outside CSCPF member in good standing.

Step 1

For the purposes of re-certification, the PRL will complete a Re-Certification Summary Document by:

  • Verifying with the re-certification candidate’s Practitioner Community and CSCPF Leadership that:
  1. The re-certification candidate is a CSCPF Member is in Good Standing, defined as being current with CSCPF Individual Member and Practitioner Community dues and consistent attendance of 80%+ at Practitioner Community meetings
  2. Has submitted the re-certification application and paid the non-refundable fees
  • Receiving from re-certification candidate last 5 years of Involvement Summaries, which includes the following:
  1. A list of all clinical material presentations, date and category only.
  2. A record of participation in at least (1) CSCPF task, CSCPF team, and CSCPF special project.
  • Receiving from re-certification candidate a copy of Brief reflection Paper.
  • Receiving from re-certification candidate updated Faith Group Endorsement, if applicable.
  • Receiving Peer Letter of Recommendation from re-certification candidate, or directly from individual.


Step 2

Once all materials are received, the PRL will notify the Practitioner Community of the successful gathering of all materials and will complete the Re-Certification Summary Document.  PRL will send documents to all members of Practitioner Community prior to Re-certification Review Panel. 

Step 3

PRL will send copies of gathered documents to all members of Practitioner Community of the successful gathering of all materials and will complete the Re-Certification Summary Document.

Step 4

Re-Certification Review Panel (consists of PRL and members of PC)

  • Review Panel:  Has previously received all documents
  • Review Panel: Will designate a Chair, Timekeeper, and a Note Taker
  • Review Panel:  Gathers for no more than a 2-hour review, which includes results
  • Review Panel:  Dialogues and interacts with re-certification candidate regarding materials received
  • Review Panel:  Votes same day regarding success of re-certification.
  • PRL: Immediately notifies re-certification candidate and CSCPF leadership* of re-certification results.
  • PRL: Submits final Re-Certification Summary Document to CSCPF Leadership


*CSCPF leadership responsible for issuance and delivery of re-certification certificate to candidate in a timely manner


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