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reCertification at CSCPF

For certified CSCPF members of all certification categories, recertification is required every 5 years in order to maintain certified status.  Here are the requirements:

Years 1-2

Maintenance of CSCPF Member in Good Standing status requirements:
  • Current with CSCPF Individual Membership and Practitioner Community dues
  • Annual attendance of 80% of Practitioner Community meetings
  • Submission of Individual Annual report to Practitioner Community containing the following:
    1. List of clinical materials presented, listing dates with category (Case Conference, Didactic, Consultation, etc.)
    2. Updated personal/professional information

Years 3-4

Maintenance of years 1 & 2, plus
  • Participation in at least (1) CSCPF task, CSCPF team, CSCPF Special Project, and/or mandatory Practitioner Community participation at the Fiduciary Council level.

Year 5

Maintenance of years 1-4, plus
    • A brief reflection paper (5-7 pages), to include:
-Demonstration of increased development of self-awareness
-Honest and balanced self-reflection

-Integrative understanding of one’s own psychodynamic and spiritual development

-Summary of CSCPF participation

-Reflection on personal changes since last certification

-Reflection on professional changes since last certification
  • Updated Endorsement from Faith Group (if applicable)
  • Letter of recommendation from (1) peer in field, not in Practitioner Community
  • A peer review for re-certification by Practitioner Community



Step 1 - The recertification candidate will notify their Practitioner Community that they are eligible for recertification.

Step 2 - The recertification candidate will prepare and gather all documents required for recertification and then present to their Practitioner Community.  The required documents include:

  • A list of all clinical material presentations, date and category only.
  • Brief reflection Paper (see above).
  • Updated Faith Group Endorsement, if applicable.
  • Letter of recommendation from (1) peer in field, not in Practitioner Community

    Step 3 - The recertification candidate presents documents to Practitioner Community for peer review.  Once approved, the Practitioner Community Liaison (or other member representative) signs the Certification Review Board Decision Summary Document verifying re-certification status and then emails final signed document to the recertification candidate. 

    Step 4The recertification candidate files a Notice of Decision - Recertification

      • Go to: Notice of Decision - Certification.  Candidate uploads their Reflection Paper and the signed Certification Review Board Decision Summary Document (in PDF format) 
      • Pay the $150 fee.  

    Following the requisite submission of documentation and fees, the CSCPF Operations Team will prepare and mail new certificate to the Practitioner Community Liaison for signature and presentation to recertified member.  


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