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The CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION (CSCPF) is an international community of chaplains, spiritual care practitioners, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) supervisors, teachers, pastors, psychotherapists, pastoral counselors and spiritual directors who are committed to the support and formation of competent, caring and whole individuals who provide spiritual and pastoral care services to the public.

Our members come from widely diverse backgrounds in spiritual and faith traditions. Our breadth of education and experience ranges from traditional CPE supervision to depth psychology, from integral spirituality and eco-chaplaincy to transpersonal psychology and diverse wisdom traditions great and small.

In 2018, CSCPF entered into a strategic partnership with the Spiritual Care Association (SCA) whereby each organization mutually recognizes the certification standards and requirements of each.  Board Certified CSCPF members are eligible for reciprocal certification with SCA and vice versa, both at a discounted rate.  In addition, members from both organizations are eligible for member discounts.


We have listened carefully to the voices of our clients, our interdisciplinary colleagues, the interfaith community and each other. We have repeatedly heard the need expressed for a genuine international and interfaith-based spiritual and pastoral care professional community that educates, nurtures and supports individuals, in a wide diversity of settings; a community which is working every day in the service of Spirit to help, heal and transform individual and global wounds. CSCPF strives to be that community.  ... read more


CSCPF offers a relational, inclusive and personalized approach to caregivers' formation and certification, encouraging growth in the wisdom, knowledge and skills needed for spiritual care in the 21st century.  Mutual respect on our shrinking planet demands creating interfaith and multi-faith credentials as well as specialized interfaith-based CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) and advanced study opportunities in key areas. In CSCPF, widely diverse spiritual, faith, and 'spiritual, not religious' (SNR) professionals are collaborating to teach and learn from each other... read more


Our Commitment is a Living Document in ongoing formation and continuing refinement.
"I recognize that the CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION is a participant-based organization, and decisions are made by the selection of individuals by a representative process so our voices and our views may be heard. Through these Governance processes that we as a community have established, we are working to balance the authority of our Fiduciary Council with the equally important Program Council. I recognize that the participation of individual members through their Practitioner Communities are ultimately responsible for the overall policies and actions of the Organization." ... read more


CSCPF was established in 2014. Our approach to governance reflects our values. Because we value inclusivity, accessibility, transparency, and ensuring that all voices have a chance to be heard, we have had to do the creative governance work necessary to make this a reality. As we work to establish a participant-based organization, we are also working to balance the authority of our Fiduciary Council with the equally important Program Council. And because both of these are elected by or come from our Individual Member participants, all three components share in governance.  ... read more

OUR STRUCTURE: A Community of Practicing Communities

We are a 'bottom- up' grassroots organization which believes that the wisdom in our profession resides in the hearts and minds of those who work each day: by the bedside, in oncology and pediatric units, within correctional centers, in homeless shelters, in veterans' centers, in coffeehouses, on campuses, in churches, synagogues, temples and a plurality of other settings. Our heart and soul rests in our 'Practitioner Communities' ... read more

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