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Welcome! The two links below will help you to initiate your participation in CSCPF as either an individual or as a community. Since individual participants in CSCPF are also a part of a Practitioner Community, your first step is to join as an individual. 

Please note that we track our participants by your unique email address, so if you have already joined as an individual, please use a separate email if you are now joining to establish a community. 

Why join as an Individual? 

We value relationship, and participation is a way of establishing a relationship with colleagues and the discipline of spiritual care in general. Specifically: 

  • Participation and Certification.
    Active participation in a Practitioner Community as an individual is required for certification. This is an important aspect of relationship with colleagues and the discipline of spiritual care. 
  • Participation and Governance. Participating as an Individual Member means having a voice. To be a liaison at any level, and to have a say in matters relating to CSCPF and how it approaches the discipline of spiritual care, requires that you are member of CSCPF. We want to hear your voice! 
  • Participation and Commitment.
    We hope we reflect your own commitment to the practice of spiritual care. We want to support you, and we hope you want support our shared objectives. Participation is a way of contributing towards those objectives, and it helps us know best who to support. 
  • Participation and Transparency.
    All participants will have access to corporate records, minutes of proceedings and events, and other pertinent information. 

Why join as a Community?

We share the same objectives, and so we want to do as much to support you as we can. This includes:

  • Participation and Governance.  
    CSCPF is a "member-based" 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Practitioner Communities have a direct vote in the governance of CSCPF. We want to support your voice. 
  • Accreditation Services for Learning Centers.
    CSCPF has applied for recognition as an accrediting body. Our accreditation process is based on our grassroots values, which means focusing on your needs and objectives. We want to support your success.
  • Visibility.
    CSCPF wants interested people to find you, whether you are a Learning Center, Practitioner Community, or Serving Site. Contact information, links to your website, and similar information will be public on our website. We want to support your local mission. 
  • Useful Services.
    All CSCPF communities have access to useful support services.  We can also offer email accounts which preserves your local identity, and many other useful tools. 



Individuals are participants in CSCPF through a Practitioner Community.  Practitioner Communities lie at the core of the CENTER for SPIRITUAL CARE and PASTORAL FORMATION. These small groups are intended to be resources and support for Individual Members. 

You may join CSCPF now as an Individual Member and choose or form a Practitioner Community later. 

You may join an established Practitioner Community, or you may establish your own Practitioner Community with other people. These people may be geographically close to you, or you may meet together virtually. Community members should be people with whom you intend to interact regularly. NOTE: Active participation in a Practitioner Community is necessary for certification. 

To know more about our structure of small practitioner community click here.

If you are an individual applying for membership, please use this Individual Application Form.

To create a community,  please use this Community Application Form


Please Note: In 2016, we changed our membership renewal process to a uniform renewal date of September 1.  All memberships are annually based and are set to renew September 1 every year.

The intent of a single renewal date is to solidify the effectiveness and consistency of the services we provide to our Individual Members and Practitioner Communities by allowing for better budgeting process. 

The last thing we want is to inhibit your participation. If you a have questions, regarding you ability to pay, please contact us. Thanks for your continued support.


Current Rates
(Renews Sept 1st each year)
 All Members/All Levels/All Categories* $200.
  (*Hardship requests explored on a per case basis)
  (Please Note: If you are joining us & are certified with another
    cognate group, you must apply for Reciprocal Certification.)

 Application for Certification  $ 75.
 Request for Certification (Rate includes $150 to Review Liaison)
 Additional Certification Category Fee (During same Cert. Review Board)
$ 50.
 Recertification Fee (Payable every 5 years, single or multi-category) $150.
 Replacement Certificates (each) $ 25.
 (Renews Sept 1st each year)
 Learning Center $400.
 Serving Site $100.
 Practitioner Community (one time set up fee only)    $50.

If you belong to a small practitioner group or chapter in other organizations,  suggest your entire group affiliate with CSCPF as one of our Practitioner Communities. You do not need to terminate your affiliation with other organizations. We welcome dual/multiple affiliations!


We value your privacy as much as you do. While there are default privacy settings in place for the information you will provide when you join us, you will be able to change to any level of privacy you wish. We do make community information more publicly available so that relationships may begin. Please call 925-658-5740, opt 1 if you have any questions. Thanks!

Tel: +1 (925) 658-5740
Address: 80 N. Cabrillo Hwy, Ste. Q, #314 
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 
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