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CSCPF Clinical Seminar Day - Community-Based Ministry


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CSCPF is hosting a Virtual 1-day Clinical Seminar on

June 5th, 2021!  

Open to all members and associates of CSCPF

Theme: Chaplaincy in Community-Based Ministry

Panel Discussion 0800 - 1100 PST

Facilitator: Wendy Jones, CPE Supervisor, Rocky Mountain Center for Spiritual Caregivers

Members from the Western Colorado Practitioner Community to share their experience in the following areas of community-based ministry:

  • Jail ministry
  • Parish ministry
  • Art ministry
  • Music ministry
  • Library ministry
  • Transitioning from one occupation into chaplaincy

(Q&A session to follow presentations)

Break 1100 - 1130 PST

Small Group Breakout Sessions 1130 - 1430 PST

Session devoted to small group clinical work, facilitated by a CPE Supervisor or SEF (Supervisor Education Fellow). Small groups to be held in Zoom breakout rooms.  Please bring a Case Conference* or Consultation** to share in small group.  Group formation will be randomly selected.  

Presentation: The CSCPF Practitioner Community  1430 - 1530 PST

An overview of Practitioner Community life followed by Q&A session.

Closing Community Ritual - 1530 PST

Event is FREE with the option of making a freewill offering to CSCPF to help offset incidental costs associated with this event.  

*Case Conference: Case Conference is an experiential teaching tool intended to introduce students to the comprehensive psychological/social/spiritual clinical methodology a chaplain uses in his/her everyday work.  It is composed of background information regarding patient, family, social/cultural, medical, history and beliefs.  Also included is the transparent expression of who the chaplain is and what she/he brings to the moment of the pastoral encounter.  It tries to reveal the psychodynamic exchange between client and chaplain.  It includes a word-for-word (recollection) verbatim of a critical piece of the encounter. Followed by a self evaluation, reflection and questions for feedback.  Usually 5-7 pages.

**Consultation: A consultation is generally introduced in the third unit of CPE and is the primary methodology professional chaplains use in seeking feedback and clinical support from professional colleagues.  A consultation is a concise description of a situation, patient, problem, question, etc. upon which the chaplain wishes feedback, insight, support, critical assessment etc.  Generally less than one page.  It is the preferred professional method of interdisciplinary communication about needs/concerns of patients.

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