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Request for Certification

Congratulations for all that you have accomplished! This form allows you to continue the process that can lead to your becoming certified by the CSCPF community. For all categories of CSCPF certification, Certification Standards Excerpts and related Application Checklists are available here.

Here is a synopsis of the certification process:
  1. You should have already joined CSCPF and be active in a CSCPF Practitioner Community, and be current in your dues. Do not proceed further if this is not the case.
  2. You should have already reviewed your certification materials with your Practitioner Community Certification Representative. Do not proceed further if this is not the case. 
  3. You should have already submitted the Application for Certification. Do not proceed further if this is not the case.
  4. Complete and submit this Request for Certification. This includes submitting PDF versions of the required materials for the certification category you desire (see each specific Certification Standards Excerpt).
  5. Your Practitioner Community will assemble a Practitioner Community Certification Review Board, you will choose a Commissioned Review Liaison and possibly a mentor, and then schedule the appropriate preliminary reviews and formal Certification Review Board date.
  6. The formal Certification Review Board will meet with you and the Commissioned Review Liaison and Scribe. You will be notified of their decision the day of your Certification Review Board. 
  7. Your Practitioner Community Certification Representative will submit a Notice of Decision to CSCPF.
  8. If you are certified, the Certification Team will send the certificate to your Practitioner Community for the final signature by your Practitioner Community Liaison.

This Request for Certification will be received by the Certification Team then sent directly to your Practitioner Community Certification Representative. You must have their email address at hand, as well as the required documents in PDF form. 

Please note: Your CPE evaluations are considered confidential documents and should be sent via email to your individual Practitioner Community Review Board members and NOT attached to this form.

All of the information on this form is important for your review. If you have any questions, please call 925-658-5740 and select option 4.

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