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CSCPF Certification Standards and Requirements: Reciprocal Certification

Applicable CSCPF Certification Levels for Reciprocity

Reciprocal certification by CSCPF is available to chaplains and spiritual care practitioners certified by a cognate group accepted by CSCPF for reciprocal certification.  Currently, CSCPF offers certification reciprocity for all CSCPF categories.

Reciprocal Certification Standards Common to All CSCPF Categories

There are certification standards that apply to reciprocal certification with CSCPF.
  • Candidates for reciprocal certification may not receive CSCPF certification at a level different than they currently hold with another cognate group. However, they may apply to be  certified in any CSCPF category for which they qualify. 
  • Reciprocal certification is a matter of judgment of a Reciprocal Certification Review Board consisting of three similarly certified peers who are members of CSCPF. No Review Liaison is required.
  • All CSCPF certification decisions are made by a Certification Review Board, which arises out of and acts on behalf of the candidate's Practitioner Community. Board decisions are documented using a standard process. In the Reciprocal Certification process, the "Board" is simply the three professional peers who formally make the decision and forward the request for the issuance of a CSCPF certificate; a Review Liaison is not required.

Reciprocal Certification Requirements Common to All CSCPF Categories

In order to seek reciprocal certification for any CSCPF category, candidates shall meet the following requirements:
  • The candidate must be an active member of CSCPF and a CSCPF Practitioner Community..     
  • The candidate with certification from another cognate group should either be currently active and in good standing with that group, or have been in good standing within the last 18 months. The cognate group must be one accepted by CSCPF for reciprocal certification. 
  • The candidate should furnish a copy of their certificate and/or certification letter. In the case where there is no certificate or letter that can be submitted from another cognate group, this requirement may be waived by unanimous decision of the full Reciprocal Certification Review Board  based on specific personal knowledge of at least two of the Reciprocal Certification Review Board members. Such a waiver should be documented in the report of the board submitted with the Certification Review Decision Summary. 

Reciprocal Certification Application Checklist

     Before proceeding with a request for Reciprocal Certification, candidates should meet and/or have in hand ALL of the following:

     Be an active member in good standing in CSCPF and a CSCPF Practitioner Community.

     Have contacted the Practitioner Community's Certification Representative.

     Have a PDF copy of one's existing certificate and/or certification letter from an accepted cognate group, or a brief explanation why the certificate is not available.  
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