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Notice of Decision - Certification

FOR SUBMISSION TO CSCPF ONLY BY THE Practitioner community certification REPRESENTATIVE for each candidate
To the Practitioner Community Certification Representative:

This Notice of Decision form is very simple, because the candidate will have already undergone all required steps in the process for new or reciprocal certification. Your submission of this form is the means by which you document the decision of the Certification Review Board, on behalf of your Practitioner Community, that the candidate has met all the requirements of each category and is otherwise properly formed and ready to receive Certification and the requested certificate. 

Please note that an actual certificate will not be issued until the candidate's membership in CSCPF has been reviewed and is in good standing, and the candidate has paid the certification fee. Upon receipt of this request and the payment of the fee, the candidate's profile on the CSCPF Community Site will be updated accordingly in a part of their profile visible to them, but which they themselves cannot change. 

The conditions associated with a provisional approval must be specified in the Report of the Practitioner Community.

If you have any questions, please call 925-658-5740, option 4 to speak with the Certification Team. 

Required items:
  • Report of the Community (Upload PDF or enter via form)           All certifications. 
  • Report of the Candidate (Upload PDF or enter via form)              New certifications only. 
  • Report of the Review Liaison (Upload PDF or enter via form)      New certifications only. 
  • Certification Review Decision Summary (signed, upload PDF)     All certifications.

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